AWC Policies

The American Women’s Club of Seville welcomes English-speaking women of all nationalities.

Annual Dues

The AWC membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. The annual membership dues are 25€, Half of the membership fee is used to support our charities, and the rest is used to cover the expenses involved in running the club. The membership dues are payable in full when a member joins the club, regardless of when. If a new member joins after May 1, her dues will automatically cover membership for the following year. (This does not apply to renewing members.)

Prospective Members

If you are interested in joining the AWC, you are encouraged to attend one or two AWC events and get to know a bit more about the club. We especially encourage you to come to one of the Open Club and Welcome Nights. They are held regularly to give new members and their spouses, partners, or friends a chance to meet members of the club in a small, informal setting. Contact the Membership Coordinator at for more information.

Renewing Members

Renewing members are asked to pay their dues prior to October 15. Membership renewals begin for the next year in May at the annual Book Exchange and again in September at the annual Coffee Morning. Members may also pay their dues at any time by transferring funds to the AWC account at Caixa Bank. Membership renewals are due by October 31 when the website password is changed and we begin production of the Membership Directory. If you do not renew by October 31, your membership will be stopped, you will no longer receive event invitations and newsflashes, and you will not be able to attend club events except as the guest of a member.


AWC is a social, cultural, and charitable club, and it is not to be used for commercial activities. Individual members are not allowed to use the AWC mailing list for commercial purposes such as sending mass e-mails or messages about a product or service. Members interested in advertising in the newsletter should contact the Newsletter Editor at Members may also join the AWC WhatsApp group to exchange information. Contact for information.

Attending Events

If a member makes a reservation for an event and cannot attend, she must cancel prior to the RSVP date shown on the invitation or 48 hours before the event (whichever is greater). If she must cancel past the RSVP date, she will be asked to pay whatever expenses are incurred on her behalf. To cancel after the RSVP date, a member must phone the person in charge of the event to alert her to the change in the number of attendees. Members who make reservations on behalf of guests are also responsible for any costs incurred by late cancellation of their reservations. We ask that payment be made to the treasurer before the member attends another AWC event.

Club Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

AWC activities are organized by volunteers who serve on the board of directors or on one of our many committees. The board consists of a president, vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, and several at-large members. Other volunteers head up our communications team, newsletter, kids’ and family activities, charities, and other committees.

Every spring, the board appoints a nominating committee to develop the slate of candidates for the following year. Board candidates are officially presented to the members during May in the newsletter, on the website, and at the monthly luncheon. At the Annual General Meeting in September, the membership officially approves the board candidates, who then begin their term of office for the year.

The board welcomes new volunteers and fresh ideas. If you would like to propose a new activity, contact any board member about coming to the next board meeting to present your ideas. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure that proposed projects are planned so as not to strain club resources or to conflict with other projects that are already scheduled to take place in the same timeframe. For an AWC project to be undertaken, it must be fully supported by the board. Once a project is approved, the board and committee leaders will offer suggestions and oversee the organization of the event as needed.

Protecting Privacy

For many of us, the AWC is like an extended family, and we enjoy sharing our experiences, photos and contact information. However, respecting the privacy of our members and their families is also very important, and we count on all members to honor that commitment. Our club policies and guidelines are designed to help us all know what can and cannot be shared.

For example, AWC policies prohibit using the club, or our membership lists, to promote commercial enterprises. This means we do not send our members mass emails or postal mailings advertising a commercial product or service. If you have a great product or service to offer, you’re welcome to tell us about it by placing an ad in the newsletter or posting about it on the club WhatsApp chat but we want you to know that, as a member, you will not receive unsolicited commercial information through us.

Another important privacy issue is the use of photos. Members may opt out of the club using their photos or photos of their children on the public side of our website, the newsletter or Facebook by checking the appropriate box on the membership form or by notifying the Membership Coordinator. As a member, you can still access these photos through the password-protected, members-only areas of our website.

The AWC newsletter is intended for members only, and for potential members we meet in person; it should not be forwarded to others. We also do not publicize meeting or event locations. Therefore, the  public sections of the website do not include event details; these are available only in the password-protected areas. These policies are designed to protect your privacy and safety.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact any board member to discuss them.

Club Bylaws

To read our official AWC Bylaws (Spanish only), click here.



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