Committee Leaders

AWC Committee Leaders

Newsletter Editor
Miriam López Lineros

The newsletter editor collects, organizes and presents information related to ongoing club activities and other information that may be of interest to the members. She also updates advertisements as necessary.

Newsletter Proofreader
JoNell Kvamme

The AWC newsletter proofreader’s responsibility is to correct any of the newsletter’s slip-ups that might have been made along the way, before the newsletter is officially published.

Charity Coordinators
Shelagh English, Pilar Flores, María Cubero
The charity coordinators serve as the club’s liaisons with our 3 charities here in Seville; money and goods are collected and distributed to our charities.

Membership Coordinator
Donna Wolski

The membership coordinator keeps a record of all members and their contact information as well as being responsible for producing the annual membership directory. She is the contact person for new members.

Website Editors
Kathleen Sherretts, Josie Rich

The website editor updates the calendar of events and other information on the AWC website, as well as sending out online invitations for club activities.

Luncheon Coordinator
Vita Martin Haas

The luncheon coordinator is responsible for investigating and contacting possible venues for the Club’s monthly luncheons, and organizing menus with the restaurant.

Continuity Liason
Carol Crisler
The Continuity Liason serves as the historian and memory of the club.

Gaye Sánchez-Pizjuán
The club librarian oversees the AWC Library in the Centro Norteamericano, Calle Harinas, 16. The AWC maintains the largest English-language library in Seville. Books are available for check-out Monday through Friday.

Club Spokeswoman
Christie Snowdon
Addresses meetings and introduces speakers at AWC events.

Cultural Activities Coordinators
Joanne Waage and Fiona Watson

Researches and plans cultural activities for members.

Book Club Coordinator
Barbara Guidera

The Book Club coordinator oversees the organization of activities of the Book Club.

Movie Night
Encarnación Prieto

Organizes monthly film night at Avenida 5 Cines.

Family Picnic Coordinators
Tanya Waage and Stella Bomba
The Family Picnic Coordinators work to organize and promote family-friendly picnics and morning get-togethers throughout the year, giving children and their parents the opportunity to speak English, meet other families, and enjoy relaxing family time in Seville´s excellent parks.

Children’s Activities
Fiona Watson

Organize special activities and events for AWC members’ children.

Hiking Activities
Patricia Farrer

Researches and organizes hikes in areas around Seville.

WhatsApp Coordinator
Lynnette McCurdy
Organizes and monitors AWC’s WhatsApp information swap among club members.

Facebook Coordinator
Claudia Wiens
Oversees the content of AWC’s Facebook page.

Welcome Committee Coordinator
Karen McCann 

The welcome committee coordinator organizes activities, such as tapas nights, to involve new and potential members in the club.

Games Night Coordinator
Elena Bray Garzon

Organizes monthly get-together for board games and tapas at a local tavern.

Job Exchange
Mary Alice Soriero
The job exchange coordinator provides job announcements from members and non-members to our members who are looking for a job.


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