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The American Women’s Club of Seville is an international group with more than 180 English-speaking members from 20+ countries – aged from 30s to 80s.

We foster a fun, friendly, and supportive community to experience this wonderful city together.

Our diverse membership embraces those who are only staying for a short time, those who have spent most of their lives in Spain, and everyone in between!

Founded in 1956, today the Club has a robust schedule of regular activities and events (see below). An active WhatsApp group and Facebook page keep us well connected and informed between activities.

Our Aims

Our main aims are:

  • To help members adapt to the challenges and stresses of living in a new country through mutual support, encouragement, and shared knowledge
  • To help members understand, appreciate and engage with the Spanish culture
  • To enjoy cultural, educational, and family activities together, as a way to initiate and build friendships, and to learn about our beautiful and historic city
  • To engage in charitable activities focussed on the needs of women and children, thereby paying it back to our adopted city

Some of the regular activities we organize:

New member welcome meetings, morning coffee, book clubs and sales, games and movie nights, teenagers’ meet-ups, family picnics and outings, cultural and gastronomic visits and tours, hikes, and AWC luncheons.

We would love to have you join us! Visitors, please contact us at awcsevillemembership@gmail.com or go to our Facebook page to see what we are currently doing.

An exciting, dynamic new AWC Seville website will be online very soon.

Under Construction

The AWC site is under construction, thank you for your patience.