Welcome to the AWC!

A Message from the President:

Dear Ladies,

A club is nothing without its members, and we have the best! I have thoroughly enjoyed this year as President of the AWC, and I want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone in the club, but especially to our dedicated, energetic board, for their selfless and marvelous work.

The friendship and goodwill that the AWC shares have been personally meaningful to me, and I hope you have found that to be true as well. That’s the beauty of this club—we’re a group of women who offer a helping hand, a ready shoulder, a good hearty laugh, and charity work… whatever is needed. We share a common purpose. We have a sense of connection as “our home away from home.” We are always there for each other. And this bonds us as a club.

This year’s AWC events have been enriching in many ways—our monthly luncheons, coffee gatherings, book club meetings, and games nights. We enjoyed special get-togethers for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Our children have played together, speaking in English and learning about other cultures. We organized mountain walks, tapa nights, workshops, wine tasting, cultural tours of Seville—and the list goes on. Members have donated their time and efforts to our charities: Sonrisa de un Niño, Las Hermanitas de los Pobres, and El Pozo Santo. We look forward to continuing these activities and adding your new ideas in the coming year!

I wish you all a healthful, happy summer and see you again at the Coffee Morning on Saturday, 23 September!

Christie Snowdon
AWC Seville President

Visitors, please contact us at awcseville@gmail.com—we would love to have you join us!

We hope that you are enjoying the multitude of activities offered by this year’s American Women’s Club. Now is the time of year for volunteers to step up to make sure our Club rolls forward next year. We need ladies who would like to get more involved. Ladies who would like to be more active. Ladies who would like to make new friends. If you would like to be one of these ladies, please contact Mary Fasal at mary_fasal@hotmail.com or Christie Snowdon at christiesnowdon@telefonica.net.




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